Updates 11-9-12


  • God is faithful, bringing hope and joy everyday.
  • The new girls in Agape Training Center (ATC) are grateful for work, a safe place to stay, and food. In the karaoke clubs they are not given food to eat but beer to drink to be made more controllable by the owners and customers.
  • The Bayside Church team has been a great help and encouragement. The doctor team under the leadership of our dear friend Rich Botkin from CA arrives this weekend. Team 121 from Texas is prepping to arrive the following week.
  • Alf & Kelly Evans and family continue to bless where they are planted. Kelly is working full time at Agape Restoration Center (ARC), Alf is discipling in Svay Pak and helping with groups. Their son Trey will start school soon. Please pray for them as this is a huge change for Trey, he has been home schooled and will be attending a great international school, but there’s no place like home.
  • The police that gave our Pastors a hard time regarding the shrine for the King has been coming to church. Pastor has had breakfast with him, they have been discussing many deep things.
  • New children are coming to school and Rahab’s House Kid’s Club. One poor little fella cried so hard one morning so reluctant to leave his momma for a few hours but was happily blowing bubbles later that day! Jen & team will be hiring some new staff people, pray God provides His best.
  • Grateful for our family, friends, staff, girls, supporters, prayer partners.


  • For all the on going, we need favor for provision, protection, wisdom.
  • A few confidential requests regarding staff for AIM school in SP, also for another organization helping boys in Phnom Pehn.
  • The needs are great here and keep growing. Karaoke girls want an opportunity to leave the clubs. They need a safe place to live and another way to make a living.
  • For the continued provision, protection, growth and restoration for our girls that have been rescued.
  • Safety for the kids coming to and from Rahab’s House Svay Pak (RHSP).
  • For God to continue to use His people to educate about salvation, redemption, forgiveness, trafficking, health and safety.
  • For orders to flood into Agape Training Center (ATC), we have been blessed to sell over 20,000 bracelets! Pray for the girls to grow in their work.
  • We attended a meeting at Chab Dai this past week, there are 3 new organizations working here to end trafficking and help restore lives. Please pray for organizations like this all over the world. Pray we keep faithful to God’s work for justice, not grow weary, to persevere in joy in all circumstances, all Glory to Him. Our staff is amazing, we pray for their continued healing from the genocide and civil war. God is using them in amazing ways, the more time we spend with them, they reveal slowly, little by little the horrors they endured. It’s inspiring to see how on fire they are for what is right, for what breaks God’s heart.
  • For Laura Linner, she is moving up to Siem reap today. For Brittany Knight working so faithfully up there.

He who opposes the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God. Proverbs 14:31