October 2016 Prayer Updates


“Prayer is a shield to the soul, a sacrifice to God, and a scourge for Satan.” – John Bunyan

Prayer is powerful. There’s both strength and humility in talking to the God of the Universe as we pour out our hearts for His people in His land.

We have many things to praise and much to lift up in prayer this month; will you join us?


  • AIM SWAT (Rescue) Team – We’re incredibly thankful for two raids on massage parlors (1 & 2) and one on a barber shop, for our 100th underage rescue and for the rescue of four en route to Saudi Arabia. God is good! Join us in giving thanks for the work God is doing through this team. We have several new endeavors, as well as ongoing and upcoming raids, so please keep the team in your prayers – for safety, wisdom and discernment.
  • China Rescues – We’re so grateful for the rescue of our 50th girl from China. We’re thankful these 50 young women have returned home and are receiving the counseling, healing and restoration that they need. Join us in praying for the continuously growing number of girls trapped in China and awaiting their own rescue. May rescue come quickly!
  • AIM Restoration Home (ARH) – ARH has been open for 10 years; now that’s something to celebrate! We opened with just 14 girls and now we’ve helped more than 340 through ARH alone. Join us in celebrating this 10-year mark and our upcoming move. Give praise for the changed futures of these precious girls. Join us in prayer over the final construction details and the preparations underway for the grand opening on our new AIM Restoration Home!
  • AIM Employment Center (AEC) – AEC is currently working on its largest order yet! We can’t tell you anything more now, but stay tuned. We hope to reveal the big news on this order within the next month or so. For now, we give praise for a full and busy employment center.
  • AIM SchoolSchool starts on Thursday! We’re so thankful that these kids have somewhere safe to go, learn, be loved and be poured into. Pray for this school year and our newly added 5th grade. Also join us in our continued prayers over the much-needed school expansion.
  • Partnerships – We are thankful for amazing partners doing awesome things in the fight against sex trafficking. We have supporters doing everything from selling t-shirts and recording albums to collecting change, funding raids and donating SWAT equipment. Everyone brings something unique to the table and we’re honored to serve alongside each and every one of you.
  • New Life – These past few weeks we’ve celebrated many births. We give praise for new life and ask for prayer over the health of both the babies and their mothers.


  • Urgency – Join us in praying for a continued sense of urgency in the fight against sex trafficking. Every day, every hour and every minute makes a true impact for each girl and each woman awaiting rescue. Join us in praying for multiplied urgency to end the injustice that is sex trafficking.
  • Awareness – There’s no such thing as too much awareness around the issue of sex trafficking. In addition to urgency, we pray that people would continue to be moved to raise awareness and do what they can in this fight. No act is too small; no donation is too little. Every person matters in this fight!
  • AIM Clinic – Our clinic is undergoing some changes. Will you join us in praying for God’s hand of blessing and His guidance over the staff and patients during this transition?
  • Rahab’s House Church – Pray for the ongoing work of Rahab’s House Church in the community of Svay Pak. Pray for resources to meet needs and strength of numbers and health to fulfill the call that’s been placed upon them. May they continue to shine God’s light into the darkness.

Together for Freedom,

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