AIM Monthly Update | February 2016

January was a full month indeed! It all started with Human Trafficking Awareness Month and ended with a partner church presenting AIM with check to fund the move of AIM Restoration Home. January also held 3 successful brothel raids and made for a time of preparation for our newest partnership.

Check it all out in our first edition of The AIM Monthly!

The AIM Monthly is a result of your request for more information more frequently. Inside, you’ll find everything that happened during the month of January, all in one spot; making it easier to skim anything you may have missed and to share all of the updates with your friends, family and co-workers.



January Updates




Freedom Mandate: a movement of the free

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Check out the video & learn more about your Freedom Mandate

January was Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

Many elect to focus on the hard realities of those trapped in trafficking. At AIM, we took the opportunity to reflect on the freedom of those rescued.

We highlighted stories of courage, hope and freedom so that others might be inspired to take up their mandate and bring freedom to those in need.

Caring for orphans and widows in their distress and helping the hurting aren’t just callings, they’re commands for all believers. People set free by Jesus have a mandate to bring freedom to others.

It’s time for a movement of the free. It’s time to take up your Freedom Mandate!

And while Human Trafficking Awareness Month may have passed, there’s always a need for more people in the fight. Join us today HERE, if you haven’t already! And stay tuned this month for another way to invite your church to partner with AIM this Easter.

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Liap’s Story of Courage: a Human Trafficking Awareness Month feature


Liap was trapped in a brothel in Cambodia for 22 days when she found a cell phone, frantically made a call and waited for rescue. Soon thereafter, AIM came to set her free. After an extended time of healing and restoration, Toha is now an abolitionist for rescue…for change…for freedom. She advocates for those still trapped. Liap is courageous; she is free and she wants to bring freedom to others.

But you don’t have to be a survivor of sex trafficking to bring freedom to others; you simply have to be willing to rise up. Take up your Freedom Mandate today!

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Leak’s Story of Hope: a Human Trafficking Awareness Month feature

LeakMeet Leak. She’s a survivor of sex trafficking and a voice of hope for others. Leak was drugged by a friend’s boyfriend and sold to a pimp where she was often beaten. Leak didn’t think her reality would change. She was worried because she didn’t know how she’d ever get out of the brothel. That’s when AIM came to set her free.

Leak’s request to everyone reading this is that you’d support those who’ve been abused. She’s been set free by Jesus and now she’s bringing freedom to others. We challenge you to do the same. Join us and take your Freedom Mandate.

Get the rest of Leak’s story HERE.

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AIM Partners Making a Difference in the Fight Against Sex Trafficking

AIM & Bayside Jan 2016
KCRA News broadcast the highlights

We can’t fight trafficking alone!

If you’ve known anyone around the AIM office for long, you’ve probably heard us share this sentiment; and it holds true today. We need partners like you, your church and your business if we’re going to end the evil of sex trafficking. 

The size of the church, business or bank account doesn’t matter; God is using you to make a huge, lasting impact in countless lives in Cambodia.

Last month, Bayside Church invited AIM to join them for a weekend of services where they presented us with a check to fund the construction of our new AIM Restoration Home. While there, Stephanie was able to talk about what we do at AIM and Reaksmey shared some of her story. Additionally, a local artist, Shane Grammer, helped us by using his gifts to create a painting that was presented to Bayside as a gift.

2016 Shane Grammer Toha PaintingWe praise God for partners like Shane Grammer, Bayside Church and each and every one of you who give sacrificially to support the work and ministry that God is doing through us here at AIM. Keep up the good work!

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Mien’s Story of Freedom: a Human Trafficking Awareness Month feature

Choose a good way; do not choose the way I chose.” – Mien

Mien & HusbandMien knows the value of freedom. She grew up in a family with an alcoholic father who often beat her mother and the kids. In The Pink Room Documentary interview, Mien says, “I couldn’t stand for my mother to cry anymore and there was nothing else I had, so I sold myself into a brothel.” She was only 14. 

At the age of 20, with very little hope left, a raid of the brothel where Mien was trafficked brought her freedomAs she was rescued, aftercare was offered, and that’s when Mien came to AIM. Today, years later, Mien has been successfully re-integrated back into Svay Pak where she continues to work at AIM Employment Center. She is married with a toddler and now shares her story so that she might bring freedom to others.

Get the rest of Mein’s story HERE

For most of us, what Mien and girls like her have been through is beyond our comprehension. But we don’t have to imagine it to prevent it, to rescue others from it, to restore lives to freedom or to reintegrate those who have embraced freedom.

Join us and take your Freedom Mandate.

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AIM Rescue Team Raids: a month in review

1.21.16 Raid with logoJanuary was a busy month for AIM Rescue Team!

3 raids throughout the month led to the rescue of 11 women & 9 minors and the arrest of 6 offenders. You’ll find these and other raid reports in our newly featured AIM Rescue Team Raids blog posts on our website. These reports come from the AIM Rescue Team Director who’s on the ground leading these efforts in Cambodia. You can find the first report HERE and the second one HERE. Keep an eye out for more of these each month!

1.22.16 RaidWe’d like to ask that you continue to pray for God’s hand of protection and blessing over this team that’s putting the lives and freedom of others before their own. Also, join us in praying for the healing and restoration of each girl and every woman with whom we come in contact.


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Forever Free: AIM partners with Hope Outfitters

Forever FreeJanuary brought an end to Human Trafficking Awareness Month and February welcomed in a new 4-month partnership with Hope Outfitters. We’re proud to join forces to bring freedom and hope to girls escaping sex trafficking in Cambodia. For every item purchased from the new clothing collection, 100% of the profits will go to the restoration and reintegration of these precious lives.

But don’t just BUY a shirt, be sure to SHARE the video and spread the word! Every purchase makes a difference in the fight against sex trafficking.

Learn more HERE 


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Prayer Focus

If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”          – Matthew 21:22

Below are some headlines for the praises and prayer requests shared by our team on the ground in Cambodia throughout the month of January:

  • AIM Restoration Home is moving!
  • AIM School Expansion is on the move again!
  • An update on China Rescues
  • Healing of a Fire Victim
  • Community Outreach and a Wedding
  • AIM Rescue Team expansion and innovation
  • And several more (get it all below)

For details about these and other requests and praises, CLICK HERE.

Thank you for your prayers and ongoing support. We couldn’t do what we’ve been called to without the prayers and support of people like you.

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